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Our Telecoms Solutions are geared to significantly improve communication needs:

Secure Protocol is a Cyber Security, a leading Voice over IP Solution Provider as well as a System Integrator. Our firm provides Cyber Security consulting expertise and International Voice Termination Services through our global points of presence. Our consulting solutions helped resolve critical business problems related to vulnerabilities, threats, risks, compliance as well as internal audit. On the other hand, our Voice over IP Solution enabled several Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) as well as Entrepreneurs to deploy and run several different solutions related to VoIP wholesale, VoIP calling and VoIP Termination.


Secure Protocol, through its group partners, provides integrated ICT, infrastructure solutions as well as big build specialist management services. We help connect businesses, residential, communities as well as continents

As a leading provider of telecommunications technology, we offer big build specialist management services and strategic outsourcing solutions that help connect businesses, homes, communities and continents.


Secure Protocol, through its group partners, provides unique Microtrenching Fiber installations offering you a high-speed low-cost alternative to the traditional civil engineering installations where large scale excavation is needed.

Our solution guarantees quick deployment with very low risk of worked areas degradation in a low cost operations environment even in rural areas.


Secure Protocol thrives through its Points of Presence to offer International Voice Termination Services. We are directly interconnected through our partners with all the major voice and data carriers worldwide for Tier-1 VoIP termination.


We access a worldwide network spanning across more than 250 countries through VoIP Tier-1 Providers carrying millions of minutes for long distance carriers, local access carriers, mobile carriers as well as prepaid service providers over our network. We have several years of experience within VoIP wholesale and VoIP retail Phone to Phone and PC to Phone services.

Various Solutions

Our solution enables Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) and Entrepreneurs to deploy various solutions such as VoIP wholesale, VoIP termination and VoIP Calling Cards. Our unique offering of real and fully integrated Turnkey VoIP Solutions bundled with global well-known vender Hardware, Technical Support and Carrier Services differentiates us from competitors.


We terminate our minutes from Tier-1 VoIP providers using only White CLI Routes. Our Systems are modular, scalable and flexible allowing our customers to customize VoIP solutions for their specific needs while assisting them in minimizing the risks of entering any unknown VoIP market by providing security, technical support as well as reliable VoIP billing platform.

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