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Secure Mobility

Mobile devices have been always seen as devices posing risk to any environment. Mobile devices have evolved drastically to use different operating systems that are not guaranteed to be patched at all times. This risk increases when the mobile device is being used by an employee for business purposes in environments such as BYOD (Bring your own device) making it very difficult to secure them against threats. Moreover, the same devices might be used for personal purposes exposing them to exploits even further. We offer solutions to empower you to get the job done anywhere, anytime with minimal risks.


Risk & Security Assessment

It is very expensive and almost impossible to be risk-free but identifying vulnerabilities in your systems and repairing them can save you major breaches impacts that might devastate your business. Moreover, identifying which risks your business faces and how to prioritize them is key. We provide you with detailed focused real-life scenarios navigation leading to solutions that will maximize your business goals while protecting your assets.

Cloud Security

The public cloud has become a necessity for lots of businesses nowadays. The process of migrating a business data to the public cloud is risky and cloud security controls designed by us are critical for complete secure migration. We evaluate our clients’ current security status, then we create full security blueprints fabric for the purpose of closing any gaps.


Advanced Malware Protection

Day Zero threats are an example of major threats targeting organizations. To protect against such threats, an extremely fast sandboxing, whitelisting as well as other techniques equipped with extremely fast signatures are needed. We provide multi-vendor malware protection systems capable of being customized according to your specific business requirements.

Stealth Network Security

Our Stealth Network Security obfuscates and protects Critical Infrastructure from vulnerabilities in systems and services offered by technology providers. It protects endpoints making them impervious (invisible) to external network attacks.

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