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Telecoms and Cyber Security Consulting

Secure Protocol is a Cyber Security, Telecoms and a leading Voice over IP Solution Provider as well as a System Integrator. Our firm provides Cyber Security consulting expertise and International Voice Termination Services through our global points of presence. Our consulting solutions helped resolve critical business problems related to vulnerabilities, threats, risks, compliance as well as internal audit. On the other hand, our Telecoms and Voice over IP Solution enabled several Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) as well as Entrepreneurs to deploy and run several different solutions related to VoIP wholesale, VoIP calling and VoIP Termination.

We partner with leading top international as well as local providers within the Telecoms and Cyber Security and VoIP Solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements that best suits their working environment.

Risk & Security Assessment

We provide you with detailed as well as focused real-life scenarios navigation leading to solutions that will maximize your business goals.

Secure Mobile

We offer solutions to empower you to get the job done anywhere, any time with minimal risks.

Cloud Security

We evaluate our clients’ current security status, then we create full security blueprints fabric for the purpose of closing any gaps.

Advanced Malware Protection

We provide custom multi-vendor malware protection systems  according to your specific business requirements.

Stealth Network Security

Our Stealth Network Security obfuscates and protects Critical Infrastructure from vulnerabilities in systems.

Voip Wholesale

Our consulting solutions help resolve critical business problems related to vulnerabilities, threats, risks, compliance as well as internal audits.


Why choose us

Our approach is unique when it comes to combining our analysis of user behaviour in relation to business requirements to achieve desired goals alerting our customers immediately of any malicious act and assisting them to contain it preventing a damage from occurring. Moreover, our VoIP Systems are flexible and scalable. They allow our customers to customize VoIP solutions as per their specific needs minimizing the risk of unknown VoIP market exposure by providing secure and reliable VoIP billing platform.





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